The Kinder Cup in 5 Acts

The perfect cup for tiny hands or tiny drinks, this wee guy is a champ. Here’s a roundup of ways you can use our most versatile cup. 

1. As a kid's cup.
Guys. Together, we have 11 nieces and nephews. We’ve seen/washed/served them a plethora of plastic cups. But we wanted to offer our family an accessible handmade alternative. So these cups were made with our littlest buddies in mind.

2. For your juice.
The Kinder cup holds 6 oz, making it ideal for your breakfast-time OJ, Apple Juice and the like. 

3. In your bathroom.
Up your sink-side game with one of these cuties. We have to admit, we didn’t even think of this until our sister pointed out how perfect it would be in her bathroom. Thanks for the idea, sis.

4. As a sipper.
We have friends that use these as whiskey sippers. And I think they’re perfect for a small G+T (you know, when I need a vessel-controlled pour). And if you have mixed feelings about drinking booze out of a “Kinder” cup, we say, go forth with boldness, friend.

5. For your succulents.
Pop a cute little plant in this guy and voila! You’ve got a handmade pot for your growing (ha!) succulent collection. 

We’re pretty sure we’ve only scratched the surface on where this little hero would come in handy. How would you use the Kinder cup?


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  • Shelby

    So excited for the gift of your heartfelt creativity in the world. This post and these ideas make me smile. You guys are awesome! Looking forward to adding some pieces to my home.

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