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Thrown Mug

For us, small batch pottery it’s a perfect combination of loves. We're a husband and wife team who truly enjoy working together (we actually met at work!). We also think there’s something special about craftsmanship developed over years of working at something specific. We admire and aspire to be people who faithfully and quietly plod at our piece of land, trying to produce the best fruit we can. 

Stamped Mug

We also love home, food, and hosting. But spoiler alert: we are not fancy people. So no fuss dinnerware we feel comfortable using and can then throw in the dishwasher (i.e. not the wedding china your Mom has in her hutch) is absolutely what we are about. 

Morning Mug in Earth

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we are passionate about connectedness. Not really with us (guys, we’re just a couple randos on the internet), but a connection to yourself, to God, and the people in your life. In this social media age, it’s easy to live on our phones, trying to connect with people thousands of miles away and forget about getting to know the people who live down the street (or even in the same house as us!). In the face of isolation, we need to learn to lean in to togetherness. We need each other. Not as curated ideas, but as wholehearted people who can stick around when things get less photogenic. And if the kitchen is the heart of the home; the place where we gather, catch up, and reconnect, then that’s the space we want our work to be part of. 

So cheers to togetherness. To simple, everyday life. To treasures stored up in heaven. And to really good tacos eaten in the company of really stellar people.


  • Simple

    Yes, our products are handmade in the state of indiana.

  • Amy

    Hi. The products are made in America correct?

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