A Very Simple Wares Thanksgiving 

The Simple Wares Family

Isn't it interesting how items can help carry our memories? A necklace isn't just a necklace when it belonged to your beloved Grandmother. And when that necklace is passed down to you, it becomes a link to your heritage, to your memories of your Grandmother and your love for her. The fact that it was hers is what makes the necklace special.

Hopefully without sounding too self-important, that is one of our hopes for this line of pottery. That these pieces will grow with you and and become fixtures in your home. That your children will remember the Morning Mug as "Dad's mug," and they'll feel connected to you and when they use it (and feel a healthy bit of fear too, because hey, it's Dad's mug and you should know better than to take if from the cupboard).

As you gather around the table this week with your friends and family, we hope that new memories are made and great food is eaten. And that your heart ends up as full as your plate. 

Annnnnd because we think every event deserves it's own soundtrack, we compiled songs that make us think of home and remind us that life is filled with things to be grateful for. Here’s hoping this mix is a much needed soundtrack for all your Thanksgiving endeavors, whether you spend hours in the kitchen preparing food, or will spend hours in the car driving to visit family and friends. (And if you find yourself far away from loved ones this year, we hope it feels like a hug from home that makes the distance feel a little less heavy.)

Much love to you and yours this Thanksgiving week. 


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